Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I thought that I would never blog again, especially given the scorn with which others greet the lowly blogspot blog, but here I am continued, at work, bored, making sentences that go on for far too long. Good to see you.

Let's resurrect the only good thing about this smallest, least significant part of the web--the word list.

Once again, words I love:

resurrect, crossed, stone, indefensible, blast, corrugated, roughneck, elm, birch, emulate.


coastal, hover, suspend.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Update on the African Violet Front: The Meredith Files
The violet that I found in my previous apartment and that held on life for two years on nothing more than room humidity and the occasional backwash from a can of diet coke has now bloomed inspite of all the neglect I have given it (can one give neglect? i think so). Despite the fact that my abuse has led it to be deformed (it's growing sideways half falling out of its pots, as if it's trying to flee -- God knows why it would want to flee), it posesses three of the most purplest, biggest, vibrant blossoms I've ever seen. The lone leaf that Jen gave to me when she and Stan were moving out of their apartment is also doing well. Not only has it survied but it has also sprouted mini-loan leaves.

Monday, December 31, 2001

Hey, Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks, I guess, for not deleting everything. I don't know how my password was so easy to figure out. It's not, like, the name of my fish for instance. I'll change it and hope you don't crack this account again. I would tend to think that you didn't get the password, but instead found another way into the account. Happy New Year. At least I have four readers now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Merry Christmas Jen. Well, I have just hacked into your account. I could be extremely evil and delete everything, but I'll be nice. Why was your blog password so easy to figure out? This is NOT Aimmer, Keith, or Meredith. I'll get to their accounts soon just to warn them before some evil soul decides to destroy their blog. Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Again I'm at Meredith's. I should let my three readers (hi Aimee, Keith, Meredith) know that the old traffic court debacle is over. That's right, I fought the law and I won. Ticket: dismissed. Huh. Take that Jonny Law. Mr. Man.

Actually, the city attorney told me very condescendingly that it was my "lucky day" and dismissed the charges. I think he figured it would be expensive to get me in front of a judge (where I had a chance of winning) and that the risk of expense was not worth the $300 that the f--king state of Illinois wanted off of my broke self. For all of you in other areas of the world, Illinois is pronounced ill-en-oy. Chicago is pronounced shi-ca-go. Eggs are "aygs," roofs are said "rufs," and butter is said with two "d's" as all right-thinking people should know already.

Happy New Year people. Let's all hope it's better than the last as that crappy song goes. I'm going to Baltimore.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Right now it’s snowing. This is a real Chicago snow—dark sky, weighty flakes, slushy ground cover that’s not yet ice but promises dangerous driving conditions for days to come. Stan’s so excited he’s ready to burst. I actually like the snow. If it sticks, the city quiets and the trees seem to become things made by some modernist sculptor trying to evoke the idea of winter. The mayor sends out the salt trucks, and at night on Lake Shore Drive it’s just you in your tiny car moving alongside the lake.

Tonight Sara (back from Senegal for a short time) and Aaron are coming over. We’ll have pasta and wine and maybe more wine. This is my last week, and then I’m off of work until after the new year.

Hey, read this.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Keith says I have to blog again. He says that since Aimee’s back, I have to come back as well.


1. I got at job. You are now reading the words of someone who has health insurance and a retirement plan.
2. I got cats (2). My co-worker, Faviola, had to get rid of the cats, and Stan and I took them.
3. This is the first time that I have not been in school since I was four. Fortunately, I work at a university. This means bad pay, great benefits, and I don’t want to kill myself every morning.

The people I work with are pretty nice. Frank’s crazy, but he’d claim that it’s in a good way.

My old job was at a different university, and my old boss made me want to crawl into a hole and die. My friend Tita, who worked with me at the old job, found a job in the Law School. She’s around people who recognize and appreciate her considerable smarts.

My friend Sara is back from Africa for a few weeks.

Spike the fish is still alive, and my upstairs neighbor Elsie gave me a poinsettias. I kill poinsettias, although it’s not deliberate.